Agile Chat – What is it all about?

What do I write, what can I say, how can I say it?

Well simply this Blog is all about expressing views and opinions and the ability to contribute value to the Agile Community.  My aim is to generate discussion and from there on, let’s just see how it all flows…..

In the past blogging has led to some great introductions to people across the world, and guess what? After 10 years , my agile world is still growing each day.  Engage with me, engage with my community, let’s have some strong views and opinions.

Remember, in the agile world, nobody is right and nobody is wrong, that is the beauty of the world that we are part of.

Welcome to the newly launched Agile Voice website.  I am Simon Voice. The purpose of this site is to stimulate discussion within the agile community, not only do we want to challenge and develop ideas but also exchange ideas and improve the way we all work. 

These pages will be updated regularly to contain new ideas and review your feedback. Please add comments or raise ideas which you think the community should discuss.

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  1. Colin Williams says:

    I’ve just come off the phone from a mobile telecommunications company and I need to rant…

    I met a couple of guys from this particular firm – let’s call them MobiTel – a month or two ago, and they said, we’re looking to go Agile, so give us a call before the end of the year.

    So, 7 telephone numbers and 75 minutes later, I still haven’t been able to actually *speak* to either of them. The whole enterprise ended with me having a disagreement with one of their employees in mainland Europe (although it was definitely a number in England I’d rung initially).

    I’d like to see the user story that suggests putting a number MobiTel’s website, which, when rung, gets a message saying, “Sorry, the number you have dialled has not been recognised”. And when you query it, you’re told that it’s not ‘policy’ to give out telephone numbers!

    Can someone explain to me…
    a) how a company that wants to adopt Agile methods thinks that making a 5-minute task take more time than it takes to do 4, maybe 5 Scrums is in any way sensible?, and
    b) why telecommunications companies seem to be the world’s worst at enabling someone to actually *speak* – on the *phone* – with one of their employees?

    I know this isn’t really the kind of Agile discussion you were probably looking for, but I am almost burning with rage and need to go for a lie down, so you can call it a burn-down if you like…

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