The Agile Business Conference 2009


Following the last few years of the Agile Business Conference, it was always going to be intriguing to see how this event was going to be different from previous years. Certainly Day 1 lived up to my hopes and expectations.  In years gone by I’d heard company after company pitch their bit, but………along came the end users and wow, a different take on Agile with a real world story to tell.

No more quoting from “The Good Book ! good-book.jpg


Between Nik Silver, Iain McKenna, Shaun Smith, Keith Sterling, Siamak Shams and Dave Putman the audience was speechless over the tales of success, failure and hope within their Agile stories. Not only did they talk honestly and freely about their experiences, but they talked at a level that all could understand and enjoy. Sometimes you find that speakers at these show’s are there taking an elitist stance of what they’ve done, not here!

Here it was good old fashioned honesty!

The organisers had made their mark in a difficult economic climate to surprise me with the quality on show for the two days.My personal amusement centred around:    pomodoro-technique.jpg

Even the questions were interesting and positively challenging to the speakers and panel. 

2 days well spent and thank you to the for organising the event.


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