Agile in the Public Sector – Kensington

Wednesday 16th September – Agile in the Public Sector – Kensington (London) 

I’m now confirmed to attend Agile in the Public Sector next Wednesday. Slightly sceptical to start with, I’m actually really looking forward to going. Having been to many refactored conferences over the years, this is something fresh and new. The next wave of growth I believe will come in two particular sectors: 

1) Public Sector / Government

2) Business Coaching, incorporating Agile & Lean. 

It will be intriguing to see who turns up, attitudes that turn up and most importantly how open to a new way of working are the notorious Waterfall managers in Government. If I was one of these managers I would be looking at this as a winning ticket to future, providing I can lead the change. Government spending will have to change, services budget will have to decrease and the traditional consulting companies will have to be more and more accountable for their actions.

If the person(s) within government can embrace new ideas and change the way of working their projects, everyone is in a win-win situation – except for the big legacy consulting companies. Next week I’ll be adding some pictures, comments and summaries as to how it all went. If you know anyone in the Public Sector / Government world, please point them to the show. 

Back soon.
The Agile Voice.

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