Agile in the Public Sector – Feedback

 This was my first experience of the Public Sector from a conference perspective. Certainly my eyes were opened to the world of:

 – Opportunity

– Naivety

– Legacy mind sets

– Bureaucracy

– Lack of energy. 

Certainly whoever can truly, successfully deliver a genuine marketable Agile proposition of a major size, will absolutely be in a win-win situation. With the public spending cuts on their way, the world of the Big 5 Consulting Companies will be limited when you can engage a more flexible tier-2 consulting machine. All of the companies that presented have something to offer, albeit all with a different slant and angle. Actually most of them I think got it slightly wrong as they appeared to be going too deep for the level of understanding in the room. My personal favourite of the day was the Radtac presentation, which was uncomplicated and to the point. 

“If the project delivers on time and to cost and everyone’s happy” then maybe Agile is not right for you. But………. If it isn’t then start thinking Agile! 

There were several other phrase’s that stuck in my mind from the morning: 

1) “Best is the enemy of good”

2)  Agile is “The Art of the possible” 

In all, I think it was a worthwhile exercise and I would like to thank Alec from Unicom for his invitation to attend. 

Certainly the Public Sector could be compared to an oil tanker leaking oil. Firstly you need to try and stop the tanker, possibly turn it round to go in another direction and then try to work out where it’s leaking from and fix the leak! 

All food for thought.  

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