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Groundhog Agile

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

There seems to be clear evidence that many agile teams and projects hit a wall in terms of energy and keeping everything alive. Many of the Mentors I speak to are successful at enabling the initiative, but how do teams and projects move on once the enablement has occurred.  Is it the case that Agile projects can only last say 6 months before they burn out, or become Groundhog Agile environments? 

Seemingly, this is what happens once the Agile Project has lost its dynamic focus. The businesses have tolerated the Agile way for months on end, now they see no difference from the previous method. Slowly day after day the stand up, retrospective, and planning games are becoming just the norm. All of a sudden it’s become Groundhog Agile, day after day the same old thing happens. The energy has been lost, the motivations and desire have evaporated, now the team are looking for a new way, a reinvention of direction.  In many projects the Agile Mentors are finished and walk away within the year, who picks up the reigns to continue the energy levels?  

 I’ve had the pleasure to work with many Agile teams over the last 10 years each with a unique method and direction. The one thing they have all had is a variety of different ways to energize the team and the teams’ environment. Having seen the Groundhog film recently, in my mind, after 6 months the projects fall into a Groundhog way of working. Who has the answer? 


A new business venture.

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

A friend of mine had just launched the beta version of his new online appointment booking system and he has asked for a little help in getting the word out to small businesses (hence this post). He is asking for small businesses to sign up, help test the application and provide a little feedback to guide further development. Take a look at  If you’d like to know a little more, the service is a simple way to take bookings online and provides both automatic reminders via SMS and email to eliminate missed appointments. Rather than requiring you to buy software or pay a monthly fee, you just pay a few pence for each appointment that you choose to accept. See