Simon Voice

For the last 10 years Simon has been firmly embedded in the Agile world, helping companies find the right people and people find the right positions in the right companies.  From the early days of working with, Thoughtworks and most recently AOL, BSKYB and Guardian to name but a few, he as cemented his place in the Agile community.

The Agile marketplace today is a global phenomenon that is ever changing and ever growing.  Being part of this has allowed Simon to make many friends who in turn have become wonderful sponsors to his business and personal growth.

The Agile world has become a way of life for Simon, rather than just a job.  Blogging, LinkedIn, and Social Networking sites have become such an integral part of all of our lives allowing expression of views and opinions.  Simon has 10 years of just such thoughts to get off his chest….Welcome to the Agile Voice

Simon Voice

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