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The Third QCon London Enterprise Software Development Conference takes place March 11-13, 2009.

Last year the conference had over 450 registrants & 100 speakers, this years speakers include:

  • Tony Hoare – Inventor of Quicksort, Turing Award Winner
  • Joe Armstrong – Father of Erlang
  • Martin Fowler – Loud Mouth on Object Design
  • Steve Freeman – Agile Software Development Pioneer
  • Michael T. Nygard – author of ‘Release IT’
  • Rod Johnson – Creator of Spring
  • Dion Hinchcliffe – Web 2.0 and Social Media Industry Expert
  • Eric Evans – Mr. Domain Driven Design

Registration before January 15th is rewarded with a £195 saving.  The conference is aimed at Team Leaders, Architects and Project Managers and covers Architecture & Design, Java, .Net, Ruby, SOA, Agile Methodologies and other timely topics such as DSLs and Cloud Computing.

The track themes and hosts are as follows:

  • Architectures in Financial Applications – Cleve Gibbon and Alexis Richardson
  • Emerging languages in the enterprise – Ola Bini
  • Real World SOA – Stefan Tilkov
  • Turning on a sixpence – technical skills for Agile Development – Steve Freeman
  • Web as a platform – Geir Magnusson
  • Agile Organisational patterns – Linda Rising
  • Architectures you Always Wondered About – Floyd Marinescu
  • Domain-Driven Design & Development – Eric Evans
  • Functional and Concurrent Programming – Erik Meijer
  • Java.Next – Key Technologies Shaping the future of Java – Scott Delap
  • Architecture for the Architect – Dan North
  • Domain Specific Languages – Neal Ford
  • Historically bad ideas – Floyd Marinescu & Aino Corry
  • Nest Generation Web on .Net – Beat Schwegler
  • Systems that never stop – Michael Nygard

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