The Planning Game

The Agile Planning Game allows customers and developers experience and learn

  • How to negotiate and iteration plan.
  • How ‘velocity’ is measured and used to make a predictable schedule.
  • How developers and customers alike play key roles in the ‘planning game’.

Used by companies who want to start implementing XP or Agile methods, therefore no actual experience of Agile XP is required.

The game, presented as a bag of documentation and the required props, is just that – a lighthearted training sesssion in the style of a game.  It involves simple tasks such as making paper hats or blowing up balloons, but the planning sourrounding each task is the key to understanding iterations planning.

To experience the game yourself please contact

An experienced Game Coach can be provided if required.

To purchase the game, with all the prepared documentation and required props included please contact

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